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ZRP and Contractize toward digital transformation

Recently, ZRP has concluded another international partnership. ZRP and Contractize, a North American startup based in Florida, have signed a partnership to take major steps toward digital transformation.

The service provided by ZRP was the support for planning, implementing and deploying a central API, which is responsible for managing business logic and all company process in a secure, fast and transparent way.

The partnership between ZRP and Contractize

Beyond the creation of a central API, ZRP also offered consulting to assist in the structuring of all company’s technological process. Cloud technology, in this case, represented high scalability and low cost availability.

Contractize  is a company that proposes a new way of producing and sending documentations: everything online. With pre-defined templates, the company offers the costumer a new way to issue and manage documents with digital signature.

The entire company’s business model involves a paperless concept. Why? Faced with a fully digitized system, the company contributes to the reduction of wasted paper and the preservation of the environment by digitizing all documentations and certifications.

The feedbacks between ZRP and Contractize

See below the feedback from Rodney, Co-Founder at Contractize, about the ZRP service:

“ZRP has exceeded my expectations at every crucial point to the development of our system. Information Architecture, code quality, response time, communication, support, suggestions for improvements, server architecture, task management and overall experiences was extremely gratifying and I hope to continue to count on the engineering team for our updates. “

Here, we also leave a feedback about our partnership:

“Rodney is a very dedicated and passionate professional, bringing powerful ideas to a vast and expansive market.

As a Co-Founder at Contractize, his large experience within different businesses in the US, Europe and Latin America gave him the ability to develop a product that targets from small business to big enterprises.

Contractize makes paperless contracts easy to manage and to use. Our team was more than thrilled to help Rodney to reach his goals with this project and we’re very proud about the final product and partnership.”

To know more about  Contractize, watch this vídeo.


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